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Bella Dond Cosmetics is everything beauty, redefined. Daysha E, the CEO of Bella Dond Cosmetics came up with the idea of a cosmetic line about 5 years ago. She wanted to name the brand something authentic, powerful, yet pretty. She wanted something that would embody the alpha women of the world in a few words. In society women have always been the leading influencers, number one consumers and supporters of many brands outside of the beauty industry. Yet women are the least appreciated and acknowledged forces of the world! That thought process led Daysha E back to the name that she’s been going by for years, “Bella Dond”! Bella Dond means“Beautiful, Powerful Leader”. We want all women who wear Bella Dond Cosmetics to be the most beautiful and powerful version of themselves, while maintaining that leadership role in all walks of your life. On October 19, 2019 Bella Dond Cosmetics was introduced to the world with our first collection called “The Don Collection”. This is beauty and cosmetics redefined for the “Bella Dond” kind of women. Are you her? 

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